At the end of the pier in Donsö harbour, in the middle of the Gothenburg archipelago, you will find Isbolaget – an old historic ice house. Instead of ice magazines, it is now a hotel and restaurant.
Here you get crazy good views of the huts, skerries and fishing boat port. If you want to eat really well, you are welcome to our rustic
restaurant. When we mean rustic, we really mean rustic!
It’s easy to get here and it’s cheap to go public. Just 34 bucks and during the hour from central Gothenburg you are in the middle of the archipelago. Good or out!


week 47 – 52

We closed the lunch service for this year.


These days we still have places.

Thursday, Dec 2
Friday, Dec 3
Friday, Dec 10


We will rebuild our kitchen and make it more efficient and build a stylish and exciting bar.
This means that we will be closed from 19 December to mid-February.

Our hotel will be open, but we cannot serve cooked dinners during this period.

It will be so exciting to build and prepare and then open up again!

We will be back when we know exactly when we can reopen our restaurant.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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Christmas at the ice company

We put our own spice on christmas food and cook everything at our house

Open every day for pre-booked groups from November 26th to December 16th
Family & friends
Christmas dinner for all lovely individuals we are open
Thursday, Dec 2
Friday, Dec 3
Friday, Dec 10
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Stay with us!

If you haven’t lived on an archipelago island, it’s really high time for that! I think the view from our hotel rooms beats most things. One way you can see the entire port of Donsö with pleasure boats and houses towering on the cliffs. And the other way, you get unobstructed views of the huts, the cut and the open sea. Absolutely magical, then.
We have 14 rooms to choose from
Warm welcome and sleep well
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Conference with us!

Experience a conference in a way you may not have done before
Choose our crazy containers decorated like an old fishing shed
Fully equipped with the technology you need
and then a clear iron stove that you light and keep warm with
Hold your conference in a warehouse to one of Sweden’s largest shipping companies
Can’t get more rustic than this
Before the end of the working day, walk past the crayfish cookery
Cook freshly caught Norway lobsters with the fisherman
and enjoy lukewarm crayfish and maybe a glass of bubbly
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New on the way!

In the spring of 2023, we will open a new restaurant on Hinsholmens Bryggväg

Follow our journey on our new website and social media

On the occasion of Covid-19

The ice company continues to be open and we continuously follow developments around the guidelines given by the Swedish Public Health Agency. We ask you to stay at home if you don’t feel well. We also ask you as a guest to be careful, keep your distance, wash your hands and think healthily. We have adapted tables and chairs according to the distance rules given by FHM and ask you to respect them. Thank you and warmly welcome!


A little mixed pictures with all that the Ice Company has to offer